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Sport Psychology Services

The pursuit of excellence and desire for success in sport pushes athletes to the edges of their mental and physical abilities. With the unique and wonderful opportunities this brings, comes pressure and demands that can be difficult to handle.


1-2-1 Support 

Stepping up to the next level, building your self-belief, coping with pressure, dealing with stress and anxiety, recovering from setbacks, handling your emotions, developing resilience, being a brilliant leader.


These are just some of the challenges I can help you with, whatever sport or level you are at.

I can work with you in person and/or online, depending on your location and preference and I offer a range of packages from a single session right through to engagements that last for a season or several years. 

I also work with athletes transitioning out of sport and can provide psychological support to help you overcome the enormous challenge of leaving behind a career and identity that you have invested so much into.


I facilitate workshops on a variety of topics helping athletes to understand the psychology behind the way they are thinking and the impact that has on their performance.


My workshops are always tailored to meet your outcome objectives, and provide valuable insight and practical take-away tools for your athletes to implement in training and competitions.

I can also work with a team or squad to develop clear goals, enhance the sense of togetherness and motivation, improve communication and feedback amongst team members and develop leadership skills for players and coaching staff.

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